Accounting and CPA

End-of-year statements

Bookkeeping and reporting for all kinds of businesses and limited companies.

Annual account

We provide statements and reports to the Danish Business Authority for private limited companies or public limited companies.

Tax and VAT accounts

We provide account statements and reports to the SKAT for individuals, personal businesses, private limited companies, and public limited companies.


Invoicing and communication with overdue debtors, and debt collection services.

We can handle your daily, monthly and continuous invoicing. We also do the follow-up on overdue invoices and accounts.

We handle the fine balance where your business gets the money, while the customers are still inclined to cooperate with your business while maintaining a good business relationship.

Vendors and creditors

Cash management

We can help you with management of the cash flow, and the estimate of future incoming and outgoing payments to be used as a basis for short-term and long-term planning.

We can provide day-to-day escrow and communication with your bank, a popular service with our customers.

If your business temporarily is low on cash, we can help facilitate communication with vendors to schedule future payments.


We serve according to
-    All types of reporting and communication to government agencies and tax authorities
-    Accounting in concerns, internal reporting and controlling in international companies
-    Limited companies, private and public: registration, administration, accounting, tax, and auditing
-    Budgets and controlling
-    HR and salaries, hiring and firing, salary accounting and reporting


Lean your processes

Want a walk-through of your business processes? Or do you need documentation of current processes in easy to read flowcharts and hands-on descriptions?

Are you vulnerable and have frequent changes in key personnel? Let us make an easy to understand description of the workflow and the tasks that every person is supposed to carry out! We can also perform the instruction of new employees on your behalf thus freeing you to the important tasks of management and the handling of customers.


Your business is thriving, the number of customers are growing, and the volume of services rendered or products sold is growing to your satisfaction. Remember that you need to make sure that your processes, organization, and staff are adjusted/upgraded to be able to support the higher level of income, sales, and customers. If you fail to do so, you might lose customers, when sales and delivery are not supported properly.

Your business is our focus – give us a call, and we can help you.


Your appointment book is full; your day is filled with important day-to-day tasks. You are working overtime to keep up with the daily operational situations developing every hour.

But remember: if you do not schedule the time to analyze and decide on your business strategy, management, and leadership, it is of no use! You need to prepare tomorrow, but if you don’t prepare for next month and next year, you are going to lose.

Your business is our focus – give us a call, and we can help you facilitate your strategy development – keeping your head above the water for the long haul!


Culture and values are one and the same and it defines economy and leadership. When synergy arises – and this is what we enjoy talking about - ……

Links to helpful sites

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