Fiscal Reporting

End-of-year statements

The private limited company or the public limited company needs to provide Financial statements, end-of-year, tax, annual account for SKAT and The Danish Business Authority.

Self-employed business owners must meet the requirements of  tax accounts for SKAT.

Starting a business in Denmark

Every new business is required to be registered before doing business. This also applies when hiring employees. We can help with registration, hiring and salaries, and income declaration.


You must pay 25 % VAT when you sell goods and services in Denmark. The VAT is to be added to the price of the goods or services on the invoice.

We make it easy for you to meet VAT deadlines, thresholds, deductions, and how to declare VAT.

Links to helpful sites

At you find information about forms and application on more than 1.500 schemes directed to businesses to public authorities in Denmark. You will find business related information and contact information to municipalities, regions, and other authorities.

Business in Denmark is a public service providing information to foreign companies on the relevant rules and registrations in Denmark. As a foreign company you will find the most common rules and registrations required under Danish law. You can also contact the Business in Denmark hotline if you have more specific questions. Go to

Vaeksthus Copenhagen (there are other vaekshuse in Denmark if you are situated elsewhere) offers guidance to startups and businesses with ambitions towards growth and reaching new heights of success. Call them or book a meeting using this link:

Find information, tools, templates and examples to start a business in Denmark:

Use the web site for tax and other related questions.

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