China art and innovation

We understand Culture and Business – and we work with both. Very often the two are intertwined, and for Europeans it is sometimes difficult to cooperate in an efficient way with businesses from other continents.

In that area we have many experiences in our own business as well as in our customers’ businesses.

Our help and assistance might be provided on:
√   Design of overall negotiation strategies, and memos on the necessary steps in your own preparation for the meetings or negotiations
√   assistance with drafting a “Letter of Intent” and the contract with your counterpart
√   Participation in the negotiation team
√   Stand-by and back-up on counsel and advice

We also offer the course “International negotiation” emphasizing the importance of the cultural background of your counterparts and understanding their basic motivation and needs.

Culture and Business works together. This statement is also valid in our own business. We sometime perform exhibitions on Chinese Art in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Copenhagen, and we are currently working on similar projects in other areas.

We are also represented as a Service Provider at “Invest in Denmark” at The Foreign Ministry of Denmark.

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